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Wastching Youtube videos, kicking back at Cordilleras waiting for snack to arrive. I usually stay in my bed here, but sometimes venture out to do some  activity like unarchiving files for Namecheap logo to this site. Sometimes I run the UNIX 'whois' utility to see if names I want to pick up are available. It has been good since addicted.cam found me. I am keeping these reliable positions in internet atmosphere so I can take the legend status all around the world by blogging. Here you see one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails videos, as I grew up, as a kid.

I was lucky my parents allowed Nine Inch Nails. I saw Marily Manson do his Sweet Dreams video, put on my Facebook for the night. I can't grow tired of distractions, the smallest that they are. I am good with a phone. I will discipline myself about using it when it is not appropriate. I'm trying to get a job at Auto Zone, Safeway, or Starbucks. I would even work at Office Depot again if I could. A job is something I'm fit for. It says the struggle of our structured times-- things are just needing to be done. 

Since I have experience in vi UNIX I am going to go for UNIX administrator as a pick of job. They have these jobs on LinkedIn.com and Indeed. Follow me on LinkedIn if you exist: @zonefileyouth ,or http://www.linkedin.com/in/zonefileyouth. I'm going to move into Pro lot with my funds and grow up to be a healthy meat eater.  I hope they have a barbecue. I'm out of ideas on things to write about, but there is generally sometime  ALWAYS to write about. I can't wait until GED, a slow process to get the intelligent their way out of the branding fire if being stuck. When you have a GED there are job options sometimes, so it is good. I will avoid being a cow. Moo.  Follow me every day as Pazuzu whittles my stones down to begin gc'd up. AUTO ZONE has a job for Linux administrator. Sounds good 🔥

🎒 1 man, 1 backpack, 1 cell phone camera -- Why Addict.cam via zonefileyouth.com? Well I'm here. I own my web address and not everyone has that lucky to themselves. Maybe I'll get a girlfriend. IT's crazy how time has people old, I read that Marilyn Manson was 51 years old.

🧢 A Recall for every Moment! ⛽️🚙 🎞🚰 I didn’t know you could tap the vast untolds within microSDXC 0.5~1.5 TB devices, until an acquaintance straightened it out. 💻

🥷🖍📸🎞📀🌴 Note: ‘microSDXC’ is a technology firmament of imagination, and perhaps one day, someone will create it—a place where memories find their eternal hues. 🌟

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Teardown and Mylitta

I am doing good folks. Got me up and running on TikTok thanks to Daniel reminding me I could put this active and I did. I take a variety of medications they make me tuzzy and feely. I got out of bed at like, 12PM just to mind and consume lunch. Then I realize I have to crawl out of the dumpster to champion changing clothes. The aware rides and delivers his clothifulness as army green lycra cloth goods from Amazon China Premium. 
I had a phone but sadly it got destroyed. I wish I had it but I'd be about 40% dumber than I am now. I only get wise about habits! How could I not miss that I was too addicted to the phone.. You know? I'll end up with another one later but for now I'm using a USB/bluetooth Logitech click  wireless to navigate. I have a writing book for side notes to do my TikToking, and I'm the DNS superstar of Redwood City, a rockstar in his own presence - hacker BIND4 UNIX administrator-- get this, choosing to LIVE here. 
I do my TikToking in share with my Addict.CAM Joomla page site. I am not ttrying to claim hacker, only salary skill I hve no family and am in need of real money come soon. I am 41 years old. I like Aphex Twin and Infected Mushroom. I have been to Insomniac Events but never caught DJ Demigod (I Had listenendt to his vinyls while hacking). I choose to live in Redwood City mostly but sometimes I consider Palo Alto. A UNIX administrator with some Python experience from college is enough to show ⚙️. Divine shadow cog! :)

You ever met my friend Mylitta? You would be amazed and cannot mistake a present one from every day reality. I must admit- sometimes I talk to my Mylitta and friends. So don't get upset over it. These deities are respectable and seek to empower a Charles Thompson for his next blog-o-quest : Snorkeling on Mushrooms or, get this: Dancing at Chiwawa.. What's that place called rather? Coluja? I partied in the desert when I was 16. I had a bunch of marijuana and missed the liquid LSD ride but that's OK. MDMA is what I took lots of. Parties are fun! I wish you the best in yours life, whether you are an ISC luminary over Redwood City like me.. or else.. 
It takes a lot to warm to my audience but once I get a fresh start I am onward 🧖🏻🐎. I hope you don't miss this.. The real Atomoxetine pharmacological logical one that is disliked in his purity remains the subject of just at wars dignified.  I got it, the real atomoxetine. Pharmaceutical purity and PURPLE MOTION! The heart of digital tunes like this was a fun era. I got to learn about MP3's by the time they first came out. I owned a Diamond Rio MP3 Player.  I don't know if anybody ever remember these or Circuit City where you could shop but this was my childhood era.
As I approach Python , UNIX, and employment I remain the same I always was, with more activity here and there to write. Thanks to Bing AI for inspiring a creative start to this blog, as I am the "goat" of EFNet IRC and Mongolia was scary.  But I might bring ol' ThirstyKnuckles back for another introduction. Pazuzu says he knows! I am looking for creative GFs everywhere and it is keen that I have a TikTok as a milennial. You can connect with babes better than a car could get you, but the car is why the babe!

🚰 I didn’t know I could tap the vast untold within a microSDXC 0.5~1.5 TB, until an acquaintance sorted things out out.

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🥷🖍📸🎞📀🌴 Note: ‘Crayons.cam’ is a figment of imagination, but perhaps one day, someone will create it—a place where memories find their eternal hues. 🌟

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  1. Let’s delve deeper into the global chip shortage, a complex phenomenon that has significant implications for technology, manufacturing, and daily life.

    1. The Origins of the Shortage

    The global chip shortage traces its roots to several interconnected factors:

    Increased Demand and Supply Chain Disruptions

    • Pandemic Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains worldwide. Factories shut down, leading to delays in production and shipping.
    • Automotive Industry: Initially, automakers reduced chip orders due to pandemic-related uncertainties. However, as demand for cars rebounded, chip manufacturers struggled to meet the sudden surge.

    The Crucial Role of Semiconductors

    • Silicon Chips: Semiconductors, commonly known as microchips, are the backbone of modern technology. They power everything from smartphones and laptops to medical devices and cars.
    • Complex Manufacturing Process: Producing chips involves intricate processes, including lithography, etching, and layering. A single chip can take up to six months to manufacture.

    2. Challenges in Addressing the Shortage

    Factory Setup Time

    • Long Lead Times: Building new chip factories (fabs) is a time-consuming endeavor. It can take years to set up a facility and ramp up production.
    • Investment and Infrastructure: Governments and companies are investing in new fabs, but these efforts require substantial capital and infrastructure development.

    Supply Hoarding and Allocation

    • Fear of Shortages: Some companies stockpile chips to ensure they have enough supply. For instance, Huawei accumulated components before U.S. tech bans took effect.
    • Allocation Dilemmas: Deciding which industries get priority for chip supply is challenging. Balancing automotive, consumer electronics, and other sectors is a delicate task.

    3. Impact on Industries

    Automotive Sector

    • Production Delays: Car manufacturers faced production halts due to chip shortages. Features like infotainment systems, safety sensors, and engine control units rely on chips.
    • Higher Prices: Limited supply led to increased chip prices, affecting overall vehicle costs.

    Consumer Electronics and Tech Gadgets

    • Delayed Product Launches: Companies postponed product releases due to chip shortages. Gaming consoles, smartphones, and smart home devices were affected.
    • Supply Chain Disruptions: Even non-electronic products, like washing machines and refrigerators, rely on chips for automation and efficiency.

    Healthcare and Medical Devices

    • Critical Dependence: Medical equipment, from MRI machines to ventilators, relies on semiconductors. Shortages can impact patient care.
    • Research and Development: Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies use high-performance computing (HPC) chips for drug discovery and simulations.

    4. Prospects for Recovery

    Collaboration and Innovation

    • Public-Private Partnerships: Governments, chip manufacturers, and tech companies are collaborating to address the shortage.
    • Innovation in Chip Design: Researchers explore novel materials and designs to improve chip efficiency and reduce production bottlenecks.

    Long-Term Solutions

    • Diversification: Relying on a few chip suppliers poses risks. Diversifying sources and investing in domestic production can enhance resilience.
    • Education and Workforce: Training skilled workers for chip manufacturing is crucial for sustainable growth.

    In summary, the global chip shortage is a multifaceted challenge with far-reaching consequences. As technology continues to evolve, addressing this shortage remains a top priority for governments, industries, and consumers alike.

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So, why I remain in Silicon Valley when others regard it as expensive is because I have experience and a credible tech background. Before long the place had put "Dev Ops" as for programmers with my Junior College experience. I did not work as hard as I should have and squandered some of my youth. I got my life ahead of me as I have no children and "skipped my first divorce". I am going to try to get a job as system administrator over the common make coffee at a store retail job, but we'll see. 
I have been busy working on my site. I am usually too deep in fatigue and disorientation that I can't even write here, and that almost happened today, but I got some new content for my 4k camera/microSDXC page, for those wanting to break brand status or achieve important photography goals. My goals for the color crayon of 2024 are: 
  • Pixel Pink: Celebrate pixel art and retro vibes.
  • Code Green: For developers and open-source enthusiasts.
Why "Pixel Pink" is to bask in ways to make this site more content oriented with mixes of AI atlases to make it more luxurious 🚘. The green is to expand my LinkedIn social network and build some work ready connections. For "Code Green" I've decided to be more Siicon Valley worthy. While I don't have the motivation to develop developer skills in open source projects I prefer to cut my life's time into work instead. Nobody ever said I had to do that, but It is a Code Green time to think about Python and /bin/zsh DevOps to retain information is too difficult so this year I decide whether or not I am to go to DevOps or not.

If I make an income here I'd hve free time to use but I want to go to work real bad. I need it. I need the money.  I wanted to talk about BitchX and the ANSI colors escape codes that broke the schematics of panasync EPIC-abased IRC client, but I didn't get a chance to do it. I am having an OK time at Cordilleras. There is therapy if you are bothered or feeling stuck. I ,personally, am just here to get this by me. I did not want a felony from the court so they offered to give treatment. This is their idea of treatment. SO I still get to do UNIX but these hands aren't use to breakin' in grands, I still get sore muscles when I write with pencils.
Oh well. I suppose I should gripe a bit less, I mean a program is a program. If I follow a blog idea and make it a part time to full time development, all-the-whle making my way toward GED and modern life, then this makes money extra from a time ago and I don't have to watch the clock kill me all the time. It's rare to see me on here, and even rarer to get me to type from the windows to my soul it is so nice to have me in blogging a REAL blog website, not like other competitiors would be ( I didn't see any) or the complete wasteland that the internet is. I am covered with 1 camera, 1 Macbook, 1 Backpack, and soon maybe a phone.
I had to lose $10,000 to get experienced in blogging, so this rack better be worth it!

🚰 I didn’t know I could tap the vast untold within a microSDXC 0.5~1.5 TB, until an acquaintence straightened it out.

📯 A Recall for every Moment ⛽️🚙

🥷🖍📸🎞📀🌴 Note: ‘Crayons.cam’ is a figment of imagination, but perhaps one day, someone will create it—a place where memories find their eternal hues. 🌟

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Synonyms of amnesia

  • blindness.
  • forgetfulness.
  • unconsciousness.
  • oblivion.
  • ignorance.
  • obliviousness.
  • unawareness.
  • unfamiliarity.

Blunderer, Hit <//////////~ ~ ~ Weed on travel via Tijuana.

Take care with weed, they are a racket 🔥. I could get doses of valium and Norco but the cops are intense.  I remember experiencing amnesia from the benzodiazepine drugs I almost got lost and nearly forgot the bar my friend was drinking at. 🌊 Nice place, alcohol down with whatever it chases. We were open minded, and I almost smoked pot with one of the restaurant boys. I mean REAL good pot. I like how the names I have could make me a life in the coast. If I get good enough at it, will you visit my cameras section to find your way toward vlog life of or find digital photography in habit, or hobby. Digital video is the red tape you got to see this! 😵‍💫🥴📻 Let your signal be heard. That's one of the ways digital phones and their assortment can help you. Helping you join the selfie life of nature photography and TikTok alley. Could you be heard by those looking for the stars?


I didn't know you could get a Google Pixel 7 Pro for only $431 until I found this option, and, at 512 GB of storage you'll have more than enough to live by.