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Letโ€™s create a list of quirky and lesser-known fruits that you might find interesting:

  1. Rambutan: A tropical fruit with hairy skin resembling a lychee. When you peel it, youโ€™ll discover a juicy, translucent flesh.
  2. Buddhaโ€™s Hand: This fruit looks like a bunch of yellow fingers reaching out. It has a strong lemon fragrance and is often used for zest.
  3. Salak (Snake Fruit): Named for its reddish-brown scaly skin, salak has a sweet and tangy taste. Itโ€™s native to Indonesia.
  4. Durian: Known as the โ€œking of fruits,โ€ durian has a strong odor that people either love or hate. Its creamy flesh is rich and custard-like.
  5. Chayote: Also called vegetable pear, chayote is a green, wrinkled fruit thatโ€™s often cooked in savory dishes.

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