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Why the name Typical?

I still got good things to say about a favorite creative color pick, from a previous post. This time I pick a favorite color:

4. Emerald Green

In forest glades, where fairies roam, Emerald leaves write poems of home. A whispered breeze, a lullaby sung, Natureโ€™s verses, forever young.

Of this color I enjoy that it is on emeralds, foggy forests, and high potency chronic marijuana. I have a green icon for Vim- MacOS that I use. I want to make this site a good one. Typical nature has us at computer memory- were memories of AI process away. OUR RELATIONSHIP AS MAN AND MACHINE ARE TYPICAL. STATISTICIAN RESULTS IN AI ARE TO FIND THE ATYPICAL. TYPICALโ„ข๏ธ represents features of technology as it is omnipresent.

I'm always sharing screenshots for the purpose of better admin.ย Theย kernel of my computer itself is screenshot capable. As an importance, computers remain the weight of video processing for production. AI has had its way, and I'm here to stand in that way, with the AI rich name 'typical' to reflect a connection to AI and perhaps evenย that intimacy which content creators align with the joy. The joy could even beย  that human improvement cameras are the future. It's all about a future I hold here at typical.cam, where image research from an AI does. This site can make it all stand out, that things should be typical. I see it could have a good shape for the times to come. We provide or the .cam name what people needle at.

Back to green, alien is green.ย  I want clearer skin, maybe I'll introduce these products for skincare. Have any ideas? Let me know.

Typical is an awesome point of view name. What's typical to you is not always typical to me, and so on. ๐Ÿ’ฌ

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