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It helps to have a sturdy resort/escape ๐Ÿช within the internet. The 'netย can either be a wasteland of time or a place for much promise.. That's why I figure '4art.zip' ๐Ÿ’ป andย  'pencil.cam' could be good and clean guides for even stationery, like through the e-mail with attachments in the markup design. Maybe even a clever SMTP/dovecot email receipt handled by the business. I could rustle out 0.50 cents or more as a charge to send these e-cards to people. I will try this message as a business of unit monetization. I got it. Dankweed.com looks kind of crap to me but I will keep it just in case of time making it a success. I was excited to offer a friend of Dan use of this domain, maybe he can just run the product unit and I can get paid a lease fee? We want to be pharmacists at Schedule III marijuana. I love to get my diploma to do it.ย ย 

As I edge closer to capable in Python flask myy destitute begins to make for ends ๐Ÿ’ธ I'm likely to put the Flask application on 4art.zip which will be utility and user access for whatever 'flux' I do this virtual internet welding at. The job entails detailed content, which is a little bit put off for one trying to learn. I'd like to use a AI API for purposes, maybe I'll pay and find tricks with this individual concertย  that each performance of work makes for me. ๐ŸŒ I'm reminded of global prestige and priority to be a leading edge. That's what my generation was. I got a king's noble of internet countries, many international currencies to play with from an Uncle that was Stanford associated here in California.ย 

Traveling with strange coins was interestiong, you could say that I was brought to heritage of internet's prestige through the rooting for the .QA (Qatar) ccTLD. I am disappointed JuiceWRLD isn't making many more pieces of good music, but I keep finding rabbit feet out there to get my soak on. So guess what? I am still interested in Stanford University. I'm rather out of funds to finance anything, and could benefit from a gift education of adjusted student aid. I messed up at De Anza and wasn't prepared for how difficult Python was at a learning disabled perspective. They (Deanza.EDU) put a Python challenge that put rid of old ways, because by taking time after I abandoned the class to do it on my own, for 45 minutes, put force to challenge. I can charioteer Python! However many horses have to be added to finish the passage is a connection to inference from various sources. The typeย  of horse, its pedigree, etc.

Something like Clydesdales could get me past the methods in Python. Then you have variation techniques like object class and global local variable scope. I am using my disability in learning to proceed really, you have the tool 'dir()' to list what is current to 'import' and native specifics, you have 'sys.modules.map()' once 'import sys' is finished. You can use the 'objexplore' from "pypi",ย an internet site. Objexplore allows some exploration, but the 'help' command will take you through all of the 'methods' (simply type 'methods') so you can get in scope advice on the usage of each aspect. So I've had a good time writing and sharing about how Python can be used. It is my hope that you have found good usage of the Python language. With my cell phone I will have access to Google Keep again to be able to say what I want to publish. It helps editing vastly.ย 

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