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Last night was cool, listened to Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Music Video] (youtube.com) with some atomoxetine and gabapentin illuminating the night. I don't know what I'm to expect, but I expect. Something lit 🔥🐁. Expect it! The fun of nighttime blends to day evenly for me. I'm listening to this tune to bring back fine memories. It's good to roll up. If I get freedom of finance I'll be sure to keep my stoner status to other resources like my site dankweed.com. I would like a cup of tea with my weed, so I'll bring it up! The beat composer of Wiz Khalifa is catching my ear, and I cannot wait until tonight's nursing team brings out the medicine and snacks. I don't have my phone yet with me, but Daniel Wood has agreed to send me it. If I owned my own name in .com I'd be premier!

I feel somewhat good spirited that the name Charles Thompson is registered to .com, but it is so long, and long is ugly! How can it be worth much? I read that the person who owns artificialintelligence.com wants $10million for it. I don't know if it is worth that much but it was reported that some can tell a long domain name doesn't always make you happy.

I'm happy with bye.cam 🎉 just fine. It is short, memorable.  Jazzy🎼 I've been listening to some various tracks on Youtube late, and put this on the left. It is this one here. One angle of value & worth on bye.cam 🎉 is that the nature pertains heavily to emojis. I think it is a fine name indeed, may it not cease to surprise me. If I'm on a camera phone wishing others well, then whop out the emoji for a stylish exit to any conversation and its tune. Gatherings and their organizing can spend a sum of money looking for the best way to finish with their premier, so I just use this bye.cam as my projection area.

When I want to project I add it to writing here. This section of my site is about my own personal stories and encounters while the other sections about my encounters with technology and its use. I ran into someone on LinkedIn who reminded me about virtualization when all I had was kubernetes and docker. I have to get myself going and bye.cam is the perfect 3 character name reserve for your scp (secure file copy) and /etc/hosts. I got a .bz name that is cool as well but haven't told anyone about it yet. They want $22 to renew it, which is allows for the host name mapping to IP on a given address. 


Charles T. 😅

Read how bye.cam🍹 stands out for 👉🏻 camera & comuter memory product and Laptop in 2024. 🐪

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