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I am back from the gutter at drop out domain choices like addict.cam and addicted.cam. I got dankweed.com and I find it safer in terms of blogging. I was getting some unsafe vibes about it. Marijuana is not fentanyl. I like that it is a narcotic, and that grinds well with the atomoxetine ADHD pill. I am able to come out of my lazy stupor to address a site of many a circumstanceย  #GED. I have to start making impactful moves on my GED. I am uncertain if to begin it now or wait until I work the street. I have to apply toย  Best Buy, Walmart, or fast food to make a living. Walmart didn't like me, they probaby called me out already over Twitter. I am here in Silicon Valley society trying to make a weed lifestyle for myself. I will sneak around bans of cannabis in house and home to make right with medicine. I don't know if smoking is accepted everywhere where I am choosing to live eventually.ย 

I hear they have vapes and bongs and I know of a SMPLSTCK on Youtube that tests all the cartridges of various flaavors and uses tools to vape. I'll be using a Cloud V vape pen. My life is a fun one to adventure with. You'll see my marijuana gardens and more from the camera I plan to get. I have to complete. I am reminded, the purpose of coming here was to announce I can do Python pretty soon. I did speak on Tiktok about a cease on my advancement. That is ending some, I'll be here in the drought of dry days abut weed in the mental institute putting good quality cannabis to the screen. Where HempCon comes in is a need to blend in. I don't know if I'm going to get involved with cannabis as a profession. I use mixed (~."*cam*") for my work and school.ย 

Purposes stand out in me: Here's the TL;DR summary:

  1. Domain Choices:

    • Youโ€™ve moved from risky domains toย dankweed.comย for safer blogging.
    • Remember, marijuana is different from fentanyl.
    • The internet is a wasteland of throw away domain purchases, butย dankweed.com is distinct here.
  2. Weed Lifestyle in Silicon Valley:

    • Youโ€™re creating a weed lifestyle in Silicon Valley.
    • Exploring vapes, bongs, and documenting your journey.
  3. Education and Career:

    • Considering starting your GED.
    • Applying to Best Buy, Walmart, or fast food for a living.
  4. Python Skills and TikTok:

    • Learning Python.
    • Discussing a pause in your TikTok advancement.
  5. Cannabis and HempCon:

    • Navigating cannabis use.
    • HempCon might offer connections.

Here I am in symbolic feature: Embracing my unique adventure! ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿ So above it I don't even kiss the grass. Besides, smoke the grass. Don't let a goat eat your cannabis plants! Wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for the devotion that dankweed.com ๐Ÿ”ฅ means in spirit, Weed is *always* being smoked. It doesn't matter if someone is not open minded toward what that is. Weed plus humanity is blood.ย  How dare they fight plant blood. ๐Ÿ Chagas is blood ritual. Amen. When the price of Liechtenstein noticed goats eating cannabis plants he spoke out against its proliferation.ย 

Here is Paiakan the world largest goat. I am the *STAR* of Somalia in African fame. Eritel ๐Ÿ. HACK.ER.ย THey are afraid of an empire, Amen.

Blaze it 4/20: Welcome to late Mrch. The ceremony begins!

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