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I have decided to rove over to dankweed.com, my .com site is the shortest and easily brandable for future product purchases by a supportive audience. I guarantee that I'll be back in the fight full stand. There are several .cam domains I got that I might let go of. The next purchases go toward renewing typical.cam and dankweed.com., along with some .com hunting. If I can't find any good .com's then I'm out on the motivation. It has been a bleak time where it sounds like sleep is the only answer. I'm like a machine so powered off. Since I'm not doing .CAM or photography ware we'll keep the remaining of this section active and I'll be adding more product promotion strategies along with fluid content. The power to establish this is going to happen soon. So rest assured as my quiet drive is inactive that I will come forth as a dominant king of dank weed online. Whoever knew dank weed knows US commercial internet of early internet and respects my name therefore. It is an authority.ย 

Remember that movie "Grandma's Boy"? Nobody fucks with a lion ๐Ÿฆ. That's dankweed.com in the space for you :)

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