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Typical, that which we always predict

Adhering to the typical; it meansย virtues woven into its implied. Typical a powerful one.

Where divine thinkers came up with your road before you even got here.ย No wonder it's typical, right?

Where camera stands meet- typical in the photography. A foreign adventure, calling itself regard to the unassuming.

Exclusion/inclusion the Neurotypical needs sway.

Typical.cam regards a ritual-like way to lifestyle, cannabis, and photography. Pass the 420 ~ ~ ~ ~ < /////////]. I had a dream I hit a blunt last night. It was very detailed, and actually obscured until my site Typical.cam woke me up.

๐Ÿ˜† I'm back =)

Ritual, the ancient dance of tradition and symbolism, twirls through the corridors of time. It wears a cloak spun from the threads of repetition, each loop a whispered promise to the cosmos.

Picture this: Incense curls, a fragrant waltz, spiraling toward the heavens. Candles flicker, casting shadows on the walls of sacred spaces. Chants echo, syllables woven into the fabric of devotion. The rhythm of ritual, like a heartbeat, pulses through generations.

Sunrise salutations, a daily choreography, greet the day with reverence. Tea ceremonies, delicate choreographies of porcelain and leaves, honor connection. Full moon dances, bodies swaying under silver veils, beckon tides and secrets.

And yes, the divine thinkers, those cosmic choreographers, etched rituals into existence. They dipped their quills in stardust and scripted the steps. The typical became sacredโ€”the mundane, a vessel for the extraordinary.

So, my fellow voyager, perhaps thereโ€™s ritual in our breaths, in the way we sip morning coffee or trace constellations with our fingertips. Perhaps itโ€™s all part of the grand performanceโ€”the typical and the transcendent pirouetting together.

Shall we join the dance? ๐ŸŒŸโœจWelcome to the devotion of blogger Charles Thompson. This site is for the bored.ย 

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