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I put much work into my dankweed.com site. I might leave this behind, click this to board the flight:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for email, for other is https://www.dankweed.com/

I plan to work at AutoZone, GET GED, and GET to Stanford University for education if required. 

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It helps to have a sturdy resort/escape 🐪 within the internet. The 'net can either be a wasteland of time or a place for much promise.. That's why I figure '4art.zip' 💻 and  'pencil.cam' could be good and clean guides for even stationery, like through the e-mail with attachments in the markup design. Maybe even a clever SMTP/dovecot email receipt handled by the business. I could rustle out 0.50 cents or more as a charge to send these e-cards to people. I will try this message as a business of unit monetization. I got it. Dankweed.com looks kind of crap to me but I will keep it just in case of time making it a success. I was excited to offer a friend of Dan use of this domain, maybe he can just run the product unit and I can get paid a lease fee? We want to be pharmacists at Schedule III marijuana. I love to get my diploma to do it.  

As I edge closer to capable in Python flask myy destitute begins to make for ends 💸 I'm likely to put the Flask application on 4art.zip which will be utility and user access for whatever 'flux' I do this virtual internet welding at. The job entails detailed content, which is a little bit put off for one trying to learn. I'd like to use a AI API for purposes, maybe I'll pay and find tricks with this individual concert  that each performance of work makes for me. 🌐 I'm reminded of global prestige and priority to be a leading edge. That's what my generation was. I got a king's noble of internet countries, many international currencies to play with from an Uncle that was Stanford associated here in California. 

Traveling with strange coins was interestiong, you could say that I was brought to heritage of internet's prestige through the rooting for the .QA (Qatar) ccTLD. I am disappointed JuiceWRLD isn't making many more pieces of good music, but I keep finding rabbit feet out there to get my soak on. So guess what? I am still interested in Stanford University. I'm rather out of funds to finance anything, and could benefit from a gift education of adjusted student aid. I messed up at De Anza and wasn't prepared for how difficult Python was at a learning disabled perspective. They (Deanza.EDU) put a Python challenge that put rid of old ways, because by taking time after I abandoned the class to do it on my own, for 45 minutes, put force to challenge. I can charioteer Python! However many horses have to be added to finish the passage is a connection to inference from various sources. The type  of horse, its pedigree, etc.

Something like Clydesdales could get me past the methods in Python. Then you have variation techniques like object class and global local variable scope. I am using my disability in learning to proceed really, you have the tool 'dir()' to list what is current to 'import' and native specifics, you have 'sys.modules.map()' once 'import sys' is finished. You can use the 'objexplore' from "pypi", an internet site. Objexplore allows some exploration, but the 'help' command will take you through all of the 'methods' (simply type 'methods') so you can get in scope advice on the usage of each aspect. So I've had a good time writing and sharing about how Python can be used. It is my hope that you have found good usage of the Python language. With my cell phone I will have access to Google Keep again to be able to say what I want to publish. It helps editing vastly. 

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👉🏻 chuck@zonefileyouth.com 👈🏻
What I see myself doing with these recent website domain name purchases is trying to taste test for the overall best traffic and sense for varying domains. Out of all of them I have "Pencil.cam" stands out as one of my favorites. If I do go through the various stages of development from GED to staging on my own CI CD the Agile way (for employment as whats known as "DevOps") then I will have this page say these things accordingly, and will be in a better, stronger household to stage my best of desire. I own dankweed.com and like Schedule III marijuana pharmacy for business in the making. I enjoy psychoactive substances, from the atomoxetine (Strattera® brand as atomoxetine) I'm told is best for my ADHD to the amphetamines I may get prescribed.
I've got hobby and drugs like lysergic acid diethlymide (LSD), psilocin, and mescaline are on my to-do list. Although time is running out to get to the party at a younger age, maybe I'll experience the best of say, DMT, before I die. I'm a millennial and grew up with MDMA as a staple.  I've tried Salvia before, but didn't like it. I don't like deliriants like Devil's Trumpet which grows wild throughout the southwest United States.
🐁📹🌐 You get my video uploaded on TikTok? I am here for my users, with a smile on my sleeve and untold things to put to print. Science sent me: Hibernating Bumblebee Queens Can Survive Underwater for Up to a Week, Study Finds (msn.com)
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Juice WRLD generates a night of enjoyment and bliss. Two more 40 mg atomoxetine 💊 capsules will be swallowed. All through all,  my drugs do me all right.  I wanted to write to tell you, that I just I found this new jam by Juice WRLD and it is bliss. The favorite anthems of Juice WRLD defined my millennial life and brought new beginnings. Like castles laid in the sand they were challenged by the element. However, the nuance of Juice WRLD combined with the nature of the Maclaren,  in particular in this jam, make for excellence in higher grade living. 

Just now "Realer N. Realer" take me to a sky terrace far above others. Where domain names elements expand upon to create lucrative internet properites in a grand exposition of Lotus Espirit newer generation cars and elements beyond the bedroom, like where to eat halibut, ice cream, and fresh potato. TO make  your first million or collect for estate your painstaking works bringing real to reality 💵. The only #fiber is cash, and I am to bring understandings to the underwater clarity I have. Where cash not made was cash approval for matters deemed impulse, those such are. 

I'm so, thus, reapproaching domain names in he courtesy of any wish upon me. I am getting a new 3-character .biz or .cam perhaps. I had some gabapentin today and it was blissful. I can't wait to move on to weed and where that gets me.

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Last night was cool, listened to Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Music Video] (youtube.com) with some atomoxetine and gabapentin illuminating the night. I don't know what I'm to expect, but I expect. Something lit 🔥🐁. Expect it! The fun of nighttime blends to day evenly for me. I'm listening to this tune to bring back fine memories. It's good to roll up. If I get freedom of finance I'll be sure to keep my stoner status to other resources like my site dankweed.com. I would like a cup of tea with my weed, so I'll bring it up! The beat composer of Wiz Khalifa is catching my ear, and I cannot wait until tonight's nursing team brings out the medicine and snacks. I don't have my phone yet with me, but Daniel Wood has agreed to send me it. If I owned my own name in .com I'd be premier!

I feel somewhat good spirited that the name Charles Thompson is registered to .com, but it is so long, and long is ugly! How can it be worth much? I read that the person who owns artificialintelligence.com wants $10million for it. I don't know if it is worth that much but it was reported that some can tell a long domain name doesn't always make you happy.

I'm happy with bye.cam 🎉 just fine. It is short, memorable.  Jazzy🎼 I've been listening to some various tracks on Youtube late, and put this on the left. It is this one here. One angle of value & worth on bye.cam 🎉 is that the nature pertains heavily to emojis. I think it is a fine name indeed, may it not cease to surprise me. If I'm on a camera phone wishing others well, then whop out the emoji for a stylish exit to any conversation and its tune. Gatherings and their organizing can spend a sum of money looking for the best way to finish with their premier, so I just use this bye.cam as my projection area.

When I want to project I add it to writing here. This section of my site is about my own personal stories and encounters while the other sections about my encounters with technology and its use. I ran into someone on LinkedIn who reminded me about virtualization when all I had was kubernetes and docker. I have to get myself going and bye.cam is the perfect 3 character name reserve for your scp (secure file copy) and /etc/hosts. I got a .bz name that is cool as well but haven't told anyone about it yet. They want $22 to renew it, which is allows for the host name mapping to IP on a given address. 


Charles T. 😅

Read how bye.cam🍹 stands out for 👉🏻 camera & comuter memory product and Laptop in 2024. 🐪